Where the Mundane and Spectacular Collide


September 18, 2011 by Jay Helms

What is your idea of a fun night? Was “Attend a local high school football game by yourself” your top choice? Ok, well was it in your top 5? How about top 50?

I must admit I felt kinda weird walking up to the local Panther Creek high school football game by myself last night, with no one else at my side. I was there because I sensed God’s Spirit nudging me to be there. As I knew a total of three people in stadium, I felt uncomfortable about being there. Often enough, God nudges me to be open and willing to do things that are a little outside my comfort zone, and that is exactly where I witness the moments when the mundane and the spectacular collide.

It started as I approached the ticket window. I reached for my wallet and I heard the ticket lady say, “Hey, you’re the Triathlon guy!” The very first person I encountered as I faithfully followed through on the nudge of the Holy Spirit to just go to the game was a lady who helped pull together some high school students to volunteer at the mini-triathlon we hosted in our neighborhood. As I walked away from the ticket counter into the game I shook my head and looked to the heavens, thinking “You’re already here before me aren’t you…”

When I arrived in the stands, I couldn’t find my friends, so I walked up for a birds-eye view of the stands and the game, only to find myself standing next to the one person outside of my two friends that I knew in the stadium, Mike. I shook my head again. I stayed and spent time with Mike for 45 minutes until I located my friends. I made my way over and sat down beside them. As I sat down, the gentleman in the seat in front of me turned around and looked up at me. It was Ben, who had helped me immensely with the mini-triathlon. Ok, so I guess I knew four people who were at the game. I shook my head yet again.

The director of the Pixar kid’s movie “The Incredibles” once said the underlying thread of the movie is the ongoing collision of the mundane and the spectacular…as witnessed here, with THE Mr. Incredible, who has saved countless people in dramatic fashion, helplessly trapped in this tiny car, in a traffic jam.

That is what it looks like in a fun kids’ movie, but there was something more wonderful at work at the football game…when the mundane did collide with the spectacular. The mundane is: seeing a few people and talking with them about whatever, at a high school football game. The spectacular is: going to a game by yourself and bumping into exactly 5 people out of several hundred, and it turns out you know all five of them. The spectacular is: discovering God really is out there, ahead of you, working to bring people to himself through the faithfulness of someone like me who doesn’t really know what he’s doing. And He does it over and over right there where the mundane and spectacular collide. May this story continue for all of my days. Word.

One thought on “Where the Mundane and Spectacular Collide

  1. Martha Helms says:

    Sometimes when the mundane meets the spectacular, it causes tears to fall. The ophthalmologist this morning is named Dr. Siddiqui, pronounced sadiggy. When my Aunt Helen lived in Saudi Arabia she taught her twins to call those working in the house “saddiqui” which she told me means “friend”. When they came home to the USA, everytime Jimmy and Vicki, about 4 years old, saw someone with slightly dark skin they ran toward them yelling, “Siddiqui, siddiqui”. I asked the doctor if his name means friend and he smiled pleasantly as he explained that it did and that behind that meaning was “trusted, or trustworthy”. Great name for a doctor! Mom

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