I Don’t Like Pickles


September 14, 2011 by Jay Helms

For some reason, I just don’t like pickles. I know, it seems unAmerican, but I just can’t stomach them. I’m glad there are people in my life who do, so that I don’t have to waste them when I order a Chick-Fil-A sandwich.

I’ll tell you what I do like…barbecue from The Backyard BBQ Pit in Durham, NC (sweetribs.com). And I don’t like barbeque so that’s saying something as far as I am concerned. We had several new friends over for dinner Monday night to do a taste test of BBQ from several different locations around the Triangle. We tested Backyard BBQ Pit, Red Hot and Blue, Ole Time Barbeque, Q Shack, The Pit (Raleigh), and our friend Don’s homemade BBQ. We found that all 9 of us overwhelmingly preferred Backyard BBQ Pit and we discovered that Don’s homemade BBQ was a tremendous pleasant surprise (largely for his creative sauce).

What I love about Backyard BBQ Pit’s (& Don’s for that matter) food is that it does not fit in the box of traditional BBQ. It’s not eastern NC, nor is it Lexington NC BBQ or any traditional other BBQ I’ve ever heard of. It’s it’s own thing.

The Pitmaster Big Paulie just decided he didn’t have to participate according to the old rules and made his own juicy thing that is part way between pulled and chopped, with a little brown sugar and a little spice. He just set out to make BBQ he would love so much that he’d be compelled to invite his friends to try some. It’s not like any other barbecue I’ve ever eaten.

Before Backyard BBQ Pit’s BBQ, I was done with that sour southern mash…but now I’m loving it. I think the official word for what I’ve experienced when it comes to BBQ is called conversion. Maybe there are some things we have written off that we need to try again, but we need to try the out of the box version this time around…and that’s what “Echo” is…out of the box living, loving God and loving our community.


2 thoughts on “I Don’t Like Pickles

  1. PopPop says:

    Looks real good!

  2. Martha Helms says:

    Thanks for the pickles and for putting somethings in writing, finally. Mom

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